Saturday, December 20


Our house has been in overdrive for about 3 months now. It has come to a screeching halt this week due to upper respiratory infections. Even though we tested negative to the flu I am not convinced that Trevor doesn't have the flu. The child has laid around for 2 days. If you know him you know that NEVER happens.

I am still posting pictures of our October to say I am behind is an understatement. I will try and catch up soon. We took family pictures with Craig's side and they turned out wonderful. It was a challenge to get all the kids looking and Gray to participate. There were some pretty funny ones and some GREAT ones too!! The kids with their mouth open are so funny. They are trying to catch marshmallows. We had a rough time with Gray so we were trying anything at that point. Mitchell succeeded and caught one. The kiddos are growing up so fast!!

 The Out Takes are always the best! 

Tuesday, November 25

Fall Fun

Better late than never. One of our favorite fall days. We had Daddy all day. We went to the local Fall Festival and then the Pumpkin Patch with my best friend and her boys. The kiddos had a blast! It was a fun day. We will be going back next year. 

Wednesday, November 19

Nolen at 10

Happy 10th Birthday to our Sweet Nolen

Nolen at 10
Favorite food taco
Favorite drink cherry dr. pepper
Favorite sport nascar
Favorite nascar driver kyle bucsh
Favorite movie days of thunder
Favorite tv show modern marvels
Favorite song cheeseburger in paradise
Favorite artist jimmy buffett
Favorite pixar Disney chareter doc Hudson
Favorite phrase I told you ssoo
Favorite car manufacture Toyota
Favorite number 18
Favorite ride at Disney world test track
Favorite fruit apple
Favorite toy cars
Favorite color red
Favorite book series hardy boys
Favorite game on the x-box need for speed
Favorite game life
Favorite candy jolly rancher  watermelon

I was born ten years ago. I was born with asthma, food, allergies , and outdoor  allergies with trees, pollen, and my allergies are effected by weather. Some of my food allergies are eggs, soy, some spices, and all nuts. Some of my favorite foods are taco, cheeseburger, fries, pizza, and doitos. this all about me at 10.

Nolen did his own all about me this year. He typed it himself. We LOVE our little guy to the moon and back! 

Wednesday, November 12

Cheekwood Fun

We are in love with Cheekwood Gardens. It is a Whimsical place.  The kids adore the trains. I am so glad we got a season pass. My goal is to do family pictures here one day it is so pretty. The kiddos fell in love with the tiny pumpkins. We are excited to visit it over Christmas. They have live Reindeer. The boys ask if they can fly :)

Wednesday, November 5

Halloween and Pumpkins.

We had a Wonderful Halloween. A big Thank You to Demi and Travis for letting our crew use your house and neighborhood. The weekend before Halloween Travis and Demi had their annual Pumpkin Carving contest. It is always fun to see what everyone does. The big boys loved it. Thanks for included us Trav and D!!

Halloween was cold and the boys only made it to a few houses. Gray only made it as Mickey Mouse for 5 minutes. I can say all of my boys have worn the Mickey Costume for Halloween! Trevor was Steve from Minecraft and Nolen was a Racecar driver! Now we are counting down the days until Nolen is 10!!!

 Nolen drew his own picture for his pumpkin, It was a Ford Truck and I have forgot what year he said it was. Trevor picked Jack Skeleton. It matched his shirt!

Tuesday, October 14

Choo Choo!

We had a Choo Choo Grayson's 2 Party! He LOVES his trains!  Thanks to all our friends and family that celebrated with our little guy. He doesn't do crowds very well but when everything settled down he was excited about his gifts. He was excited to show Bryant and Auntie all his goodies. We have found him playing in his room with his trains and cars singing away. 

Friday, October 10



Grayson at 2

 Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Strawberries and Marshmallows from Lucky charms

Favorite Book: Thomas the Tank Misty Island Rescue

Favorite Cartoon: Chugginton and Paw Patrol

Favorite Toy: Trains/Trucks with trailers

Favorite word:  Daddy

Favorite Song: Loves all music

Favorite Drink: Soy Milk

Favorite Movie: Frozen and Planes

Favorite Game: Pretend to be hurt and get his Boo Boo kissed

Favorite Place to be: In Daddy or Mama's arms

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite thing to do: Play outside

Grayson vocabulary has exploded over the past months. He can repeat everything you say. He LOVES to show you the pouty lip to get his way. He is finally sleeping better. We still have a few nights he is up 5-6 times but for the most part he is doing better. He Likes MDO. He does have his moments when he melts down.  For the most part he is a Happy guy. He brings us so much Joy. We can't get enough of this little guy. We LOVE you to the Moon and back GRAYGRAY!!

Thursday, October 2

Picture Day Studs!

So I am their Mom and I can say this but my Boys are Studs!! Trevor had to have his hair perfect and Nolen had to have his shirt and shorts perfectly pressed! Sweet Boys are growing up on me! 

Sunday, September 28

Lake Fun

We are just a little bit sad our Lake Days are coming to an end. We had fun this summer and can't wait for next year. My boys are doing great in the water. Grayson seem to enjoy it towards the end of summer. Next on our fun list is all the fall and Halloween fun! Can't wait love this time of year as well!! 

Friday, September 19


Cheekwood is AWESOME!! We had a wonderful day with GeeGee and Auntie's Crew. We had not been in a long time. We packed a lunch and let all the boys explore. I fell in love with the place. We bought a year pass because it was so neat. I highly recommend taking the little ones!! They have Harvest day coming up and we can't wait to take the kiddos. I am excited to see what it is all about. I love exploring new places with my boys!! The weather was amazing felt like Fall in July!! The Trains won over all the little boys. Ethan is always good when it comes to hanging out with the little kids. It was a FUN DAY!!