Tuesday, August 19

Mother's Day Out

"The Baby" started school yesterday. I am struggling grasping the fact he is almost 2. I knew the first day would be rough on him and I. He did great during drop off but melted down after I left. They said it took him a little while to calm down. After lunch and nap he was better. I did great no tears for Mommy. I do fear that tomorrow will be harder and will end in tears for both of us. I know it will take time and he will be fine. He is a funny little guy. He has started talking more and it is fun. He is a little joy to be around. The big boys always say how they love having a little brother he is so much fun!! I agree he keeps us entertained.

Grayson's First Day of Mother's Day Out 

Tuesday, August 5

Back to School!!

August 1st! That one day of the year you see Moms at Starbucks sippin lattes at 7:15 with major bed head in their pajamas with the biggest smirk on their faces. In their head they sing Billy Madison's Back to School song over and over!! Fast forward two weeks and "The Baby" starts Mother's Day Out. No longer will she be singing back to school. She will be the Mom in her car ugly crying because she can't believe she is leaving "THE BABY!" Happy School Year Everyone!
My 4th and 2nd Graders

Friday, July 25

4th Funnies

All I wanted was 1 good picture of my guys together! I got reality instead! 

Tuesday, July 22

Summer Camping

We camped again this summer for two weeks and it has taken me almost two weeks to get everything back in order lol. The weather during the two weeks was perfect. We had a few hot days and a wonderful fourth of July weekend. I took oodles of pictures. My favorite pictures are of Nolen riding the tube. 5 years ago he would not get in a the water. Now he is riding the tube. I am so proud of this little guy he has come along way. We also took Grayson on his first fishing trip. Lets just say he has no fear of the boat and was all over it. He threw cars overboard, almost threw his Daddy out when he pushed the trolling motor button, pooped, and had a blast. Trevor Wayne also had fun riding his bike and making new friends. 

Thursday, July 3

Swim Day

Fun In The Sun! 

 Summer in the Water!

Monday, June 30

Memorial Week

That one word pretty much sums up what we do. We camp and we fish. Craig works a lot so we LOVE every minute spent at the campground. The Weekend before Memorial Day was chilly. We wore jackets and sweaters. The Weekend of Memorial Day we could have ran around naked it was so hot lol!! Mom and Dad offered to keep the kiddos so we could enjoy a canoe ride. It was my first and I loved it. We are going to take the big kids back. One afternoon we went for a swim and had a ride in Pawpaw's  big boat. We have a camping trip coming up really soon and kiddos are excited!! The Memories we make will last a lifetime. Grayson also got his First Haircut during this trip. I did not want to do it in fear of losing his curls. No worries he has curly hair and I love it!


Tuesday, June 17

End of Year Fun

The month of May is Always crazy. The kids have parties, field trips, field day, and we camp for two weekends in a row. It was busy. I can not make it to all of their events because they are at the same time. I did enjoy my field trip to the State Capital with Nolen. It was one of my favorite field trips. I guess for History nerds like my family it would be enjoyable. Not to mention I spent the day with my favorite 9 year old.  

 These pictures make me so happy. Nolen was the only child in his class to make it to the end of Study island. He was one of only two children that made it to the end of Study Island in 3rd grade. Study Island was set up for the kids to do on their own time. They have to complete study assignments and they get  points. The goal was 50 and Nolen was 78! Proud Parent Moment for sure.

Thursday, June 5

2013-2014 School Year

It's Over Thank Goodness. I have never been so excited to see the school year end. The kids had  wonderful teachers and a great year. It was just a hard year. I have several end of the year pictures to share but I have a tiny little human who is pushing buttons and naming all the people in the pictures.  He doesn't like me to sit at the computer. I will share the rest when he naps! 

Wednesday, May 14


We admit we are Camping addicts! We Love it!
 I think  these are my favorite pictures of my hubby. Just random shots on a foggy morning down by the damn.