Tuesday, October 14

Choo Choo!

We had a Choo Choo Grayson's 2 Party! He LOVES his trains!  Thanks to all our friends and family that celebrated with our little guy. He doesn't do crowds very well but when everything settled down he was excited about his gifts. He was excited to show Bryant and Auntie all his goodies. We have found him playing in his room with his trains and cars singing away. 

Friday, October 10



Grayson at 2

 Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Strawberries and Marshmallows from Lucky charms

Favorite Book: Thomas the Tank Misty Island Rescue

Favorite Cartoon: Chugginton and Paw Patrol

Favorite Toy: Trains/Trucks with trailers

Favorite word:  Daddy

Favorite Song: Loves all music

Favorite Drink: Soy Milk

Favorite Movie: Frozen and Planes

Favorite Game: Pretend to be hurt and get his Boo Boo kissed

Favorite Place to be: In Daddy or Mama's arms

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite thing to do: Play outside

Grayson vocabulary has exploded over the past months. He can repeat everything you say. He LOVES to show you the pouty lip to get his way. He is finally sleeping better. We still have a few nights he is up 5-6 times but for the most part he is doing better. He Likes MDO. He does have his moments when he melts down.  For the most part he is a Happy guy. He brings us so much Joy. We can't get enough of this little guy. We LOVE you to the Moon and back GRAYGRAY!!

Thursday, October 2

Picture Day Studs!

So I am their Mom and I can say this but my Boys are Studs!! Trevor had to have his hair perfect and Nolen had to have his shirt and shorts perfectly pressed! Sweet Boys are growing up on me! 

Sunday, September 28

Lake Fun

We are just a little bit sad our Lake Days are coming to an end. We had fun this summer and can't wait for next year. My boys are doing great in the water. Grayson seem to enjoy it towards the end of summer. Next on our fun list is all the fall and Halloween fun! Can't wait love this time of year as well!! 

Friday, September 19


Cheekwood is AWESOME!! We had a wonderful day with GeeGee and Auntie's Crew. We had not been in a long time. We packed a lunch and let all the boys explore. I fell in love with the place. We bought a year pass because it was so neat. I highly recommend taking the little ones!! They have Harvest day coming up and we can't wait to take the kiddos. I am excited to see what it is all about. I love exploring new places with my boys!! The weather was amazing felt like Fall in July!! The Trains won over all the little boys. Ethan is always good when it comes to hanging out with the little kids. It was a FUN DAY!!

Saturday, September 13

Cars and Trains

Summer has pretty much came and gone. Thank goodness we are ready for cool temperatures. I have a ton of post I need to write but with three kids and a working hubby my time is limited.  Nolen took a trip with his Grandparents and Mitchell this summer he had fun. You can read all about his trip and see pictures on Grandma's blog. Lets just say it was car and train overload for our guy. We didn't want Trevor to feel left out so we took Trev and Grayson to Chattanooga.  Grayson is really into Trains and Fish so he loved it. Trev is into the show River Monsters and they had a big exhibit about River Giants and he knew all the fish. All three kids really enjoyed their trips. We would love to have a family vacation for a full week it has been over two years since that happened. We are long over due.  In the mean time we will enjoy our camping weekends when we get them!!!

A few of Nolen's trip

Our Trip to Chattanooga

Friday, August 22

Trotter Motorsports Reopened!!

Well the day has finally come......Pawpaw bought a Quarter Midget. After about of month of preparations  the boys hit the track. I am not sure who was more excited The boys Travis, or Pawpaw! Trevor was first out and he did what we expected him not to do. He went out and got the feel for the car and  figured out the line. Nolen went out WIDE OPEN. No one expected him to go out and push the gas wide open. He hit the rumble strips, cones, and almost Travis. It was very entertaining. By the end of the day the boys had it figured out.  The boys picked up on it really quick. All they need right now is a bunch of practice laps. It is so fun seeing the kids at the track. I didn't realized I missed it so much. My Dad is on cloud nine. He is having fun. We are trying to talk him to a Legends car for Uncle Travis but not sure that will happen haha!! It would be fun that is for sure!! Let the late night shop night begin!! Oh racing I have missed you!!

Tuesday, August 19

Mother's Day Out

"The Baby" started school yesterday. I am struggling grasping the fact he is almost 2. I knew the first day would be rough on him and I. He did great during drop off but melted down after I left. They said it took him a little while to calm down. After lunch and nap he was better. I did great no tears for Mommy. I do fear that tomorrow will be harder and will end in tears for both of us. I know it will take time and he will be fine. He is a funny little guy. He has started talking more and it is fun. He is a little joy to be around. The big boys always say how they love having a little brother he is so much fun!! I agree he keeps us entertained.

Grayson's First Day of Mother's Day Out 

Tuesday, August 5

Back to School!!

August 1st! That one day of the year you see Moms at Starbucks sippin lattes at 7:15 with major bed head in their pajamas with the biggest smirk on their faces. In their head they sing Billy Madison's Back to School song over and over!! Fast forward two weeks and "The Baby" starts Mother's Day Out. No longer will she be singing back to school. She will be the Mom in her car ugly crying because she can't believe she is leaving "THE BABY!" Happy School Year Everyone!
My 4th and 2nd Graders