Wednesday, April 16

Dinosaurs go roar

The big boys had a half day of school a few weeks ago. Mom and I met Angel and Demi at the Zoo to see the Dinosaur exhibit. We did not know how the little kids would do but it was priceless. I thought Ella would be fine because she is pretty tough. She flipped out. Bryant wasn't sure about them either. He like them until they started roaring at him. Grayson my child who doesn't like people loved the Dinos. He did not like the part where they spit water on him. Nolen enjoyed reading about them. Trevor thought they were pretty neat too. It was a fun day. All the kiddos loved it because GeeGee went. Since GeeGee went the kids had cotton candy and giant icees!  It makes me so happy that Angel is back home and we can do stuff like this with our kiddos. It was sooooo much fun with all the kiddos. They are at fun ages.

Saturday, April 12


Happy 7th Birthday Trevor

Trevor at 7

 Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: PaSketti

Favorite Book: Jack and Annie (Magic Tree House)

Favorite Cartoon: Scooby Doo

Favorite Toy: Bike

Favorite word:  Butt

Favorite Song: Happy

Favorite Drink: Coke

Favorite Movie: Cloudy with a chance meatball two

Favorite Game: Minecraft

Favorite Place to be: Pump it up

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite thing to do: Play outside


Saturday, April 5

Zoo Fun

Oh, how we love the Zoo! Over Spring break I asked ALL the cousins to join us at the Zoo!! It was such a fun day. The kids LOVE each other and enjoy spending time with each other. We did miss Ethan. He was still in school and I am not sure how much fun he would have hanging with all the little ones. The kids ages  range from 15 to 4 months. We only have two girls and they are sassy little ones who can stand their own with the boys. They all love each other and really enjoy each others company.

Friday, March 28

Spring Fever

The past few weeks the weather has been moody. It went for seventy nine degrees to twenty nine degrees in a twenty four hour period, We drop everything and play outside on the pretty days because we could be stuck inside for the next week because it is freezing again. We are OVER winter. I  snapped a few pictures of my boys playing outside a few weeks ago. All three boys are growing like weeds. They keep me busy and Craig working hard.

I have to post these pictures of Trevor. Trevor and I struggling right now. He is an Outdoor child who needs to burn a lot of energy. The winter has been long for both of us. I feel horrible because I am constantly saying TREVOR STOOOP!  Everytime I turn around he is getting into something he should not be. I have caught him with lighters, knifes, and razor blades. He is going nuts being cooped up all day. Spring can not come fast enough for this child. You can get on to him all day long but he still wants to cuddle and kiss on you! This Boy makes my life so unpredictable and fun. I LOVE this child dearly but if spring doesn't hurry up I might be crazy!!!

Friday, March 14


GrayGray is doing so many new things these days I want to document a few things to look back on. He is still not sleeping all night. We get 4-6 hour stretches and that is about it. When you ask if he is ready to go night night he goes to his bed and tries to climb in. He has to sleep with his Charlie and Blanket. He is our snuggle buddy. He LOVES the movie planes and the cartoon Paw Patrol. We started a new church and he has successfully went to the nursery twice. Big step for our little man.  He is talking up a storm. 
Some of my favorite things he says and does
Yay! I did it
Nods his head as he is saying Thank You
Mmmmm! Thad Good! Nummy
When you call his name he says...YEA really loud
What's up
Lovd You
When you ask him his name he points at himself and say GraySON!
He screams for Marshmallows
 He says Yes and No
Today's new word was Please!
Basically he is our little clown. We have found him on top of the couch, the play table, and he has master going up the stairs. He can ROCK the fork. The spoon not so much. He still Loves his bottle pretty sure he might have it until he's ten. We have tried it all with no luck. We are going to push it more over the summer. He has basically become an exploring toddler that likes to throw tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. He has some good tantrums too! We just love his little personality and can't seem to get enough of the little guy. We Thank God for our little GrayGray and feel blessed to be his parents!

Tuesday, March 4

This and That

This and that pretty much sums up what we have been doing the past few weeks. We had a few days of Spring weather but that did not last long. My kids start their two week Spring Break soon. I hope we have a few good weather days so we can go to the Zoo and play outside. We are all done with the cold. Trevor finished up his basketball season last week. We are extremely proud of our little Baller he scored 4 points his last game. Nolen had strep last week and spent some time at home making Rainbow loom bracelets. Grayson ended up having an allergic reaction to his medication and has looked horrible. Thankfully he is starting to look better. Craig is working away and I am keeping the house together. We are ready for camping. We talk about it all the time. We are counting the days until our first trip. Hopefully we can get out of the house soon and enjoy warmer weather. Until then here are few pictures I have!

Friday, February 14

Getting the right pic!!

I am making my yearly photo book and I realized there are some pictures I haven't shared on here. My Sweet Boys they can be a mess when it comes to taking pictures. Getting them to all look at the camera is my goal and it doesn't always go as planned!!!

Friday, January 31

Bluefield 2014

The day after Christmas the Big Boys packed their bags and left us. Sadly the left us and never looked backed. They hitched a ride with their Grandparents to Bluefield. They went to visit family. Craig and I were extremely bummed we did not get to go but excited for the boys. This year Aunt Kristin and her family went. I LOVE the fact that the kids get to spend time with their cousins. Craig and I did manage our first date night in over a year. We went to dinner and had no idea what to do after so we went and pick up Grayson and came home. We were in bed by nine. Sad I know!!! The Big Boys on the other hand were living it up. Papaw took the kiddos through the Christmas lights at Bristol Motor Speedway. I wish you could hear Nolen in the videos they sent us. He was sooo excited.  They played football on Mitchell Field. The ate with family which I was the saddest about because I missed Aunt Ruby's Chicken and dumplings. They went Snow Tubing. The pictures I stole from Grandma's facebook page. I have laughed at them. Next year Craig said we will be going No matter what. I can't wait!! Thank You Papaw and Grandma for taking our boys.

 I might be disowned for posting these pictures but I love the fact that Craig's parents are not afraid to have a little fun. Craig's Dad picture is one of my all time favorites!
 These Kiddos LOVE each other. I am sooo glad they are so close! 
 Everyone on the Tube. Shelbers never went down the hill but she look adorable in her hat!

Thursday, January 23

More Scrapbook Love

Our life has been a little slow lately so I don't have much to post. I do have more scrapbook Love to share. It is my favorite thing to do in my down time or I don't want to do my chores time lol!!

Thursday, January 16

Wonderful Time of Year!

A Christmas post in January. Why Not?? Better late than never. We had a Great Christmas with our 3 guys. We have a lot of traveling to do in a 3-4 day period and kids were troopers. Nolen did have a pretty major allergic reaction Christmas Eve but bounce backed by Christmas morning. We decided to make this Christmas different. The older they get the harder they get to buy for. They want expensive stuff. We did the less is more. We were concerned about how the boys would react to not getting a load of stuff. We ask everyone to get them gift cards or nothing. They still have unopened toys from the year before. They LOVED getting the gift cards. The only toy they have played with is the Indoor Basketball game and Craig loves their Disney Infinity game for the PS3!  Nolen got the Video game he wanted and Trevor got new basketball gear. They got new backpacks and to our surprised it was one of their favorite things. They were extremely please with everything.  GrayGray got a new car for him to ride in. We can push him at the campground or outside. He did great with people he actually let a few people hold him and didn't cling to Craig and I as much. We are making baby steps with him. Christmas seems to go by way to quick. I hate seeing it go. But I am always excited to see what the new year will bring!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!!

Sanford Family Christmas
 Christmas Eve

  My Favorite thing Reindeer Food and Christmas Cookies
 Christmas Day