Hello Everyone this is Nolen.

I am writing you today because select students from my school have been offered an incredible learning journey. I have the chance to travel abroad to England, Scotland, and France for an 11 day journey in March 2016. Since I am underage my Mom will also be traveling with me. Within those 11 days we will get to visit the cities of Edinburgh, Yorkshire, Warwick, Stratford, Oxford, London, and Paris. We will be a member of a tour group that travels with an expert tour guide and will learn while exploring historic sites such as, Edinburgh Castle, New College, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, the Effel Tower, the homes of Alexandar Graham Bell, and Anne Hathaway, just to name a few. This opportunity is once in a lifetime and I am privileged to be able to have a chance to travel internationally at such a young age!!

However, this trip is costly and to be able to afford the journey we are humbly asking for help. Any monetary amount that you contribute to our fund would greatly benefit our upcoming trip. I am very appreciative of your generosity. If you are not able to give at this time, we ask for Prayers in our time of fundraising and especially in our journey next spring.

Mom has added the links to our Donations page right above my letter.

Again Thank You for Support and Prayers.

Sunday, April 12


Happy 8th Birthday 
We love you to the Moon and back

This year Trevor had his own favorite list to fill out for school.

 Picture he pick to share with the class.

Sunday, March 1

Snow and Ice

All we have had for the past two weeks is Snow and Ice. It is very pretty however we are over it. The kids missed 8 days of school and Craig has been slammed at work. We had a few good days to play in snow but we have cabin fever. We are ready for Spring and Camping season. I LOVE taking pictures of the Snow. First we about an inch of ice then about 3 inches of snow. It was gorgeous!!

Tuesday, January 13

Calendar 2015

One of my favorite things to do is make Scrapbook pages. It my hobby.Here are some of the pages I made for our house calendar! 

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

 My boys grew so much in 2014 I am excited to see how much they grow in 2015! I think this is the year that Nolen grows taller than me!! Nolen's foot officially out grew mine in 2014 and we can share shirts. Trevor and Grayson got new teeth in 2014. Trev cut his hair and Gray grew hair.  Daddy got an AMAZING new job that he loves. Mom well she walked about 150 miles her goal was 100!!! We already have some wonderful things in the works for 2015 we can't wait to see how they unfold!! 

Happy New Year

Monday, December 29

Christmas 2014

I am going to be honest Christmas 2014 was not what we really expected. Christmas normally is a whirlwind of chaos for us and it was no different this year. Unfortunately the week before Christmas Trevor and Grayson were very sick little boys. Grayson did not have all his energy back and Trevor struggled as well. Gray was very unhappy Christmas Eve and Day. The timing with our events messed with his nap and bedtimes schedule. He is a child that NEEDS his routine. He was a cranky tired toddler who cried the majority of the day. Holidays are hard on kids and even harder on toddlers. They are getting pulled in several different directions in a short period of time and their little bodies just can't adjust. Thankfully Craig and I tag teamed holding him even though he wanted his Daddy the majority of the time. Next year we will let him sleep!!! The Big Boys on the other had THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER according to them. They got Legos, Nascar gear, Cars, and Guns. We were told it beat out the year they got their ipads. Score some points for Santa :) Thankfully they still believe in the Magic and love the traditions that come this time of year. Other than a cranky toddler our Christmas was a success!! Now bring on 2015!!

Saturday, December 27

Little Baller.

Our Little Baller Trevor Wayne is doing Awesome this year. I LOVE watching this guy play basketball. He has scored in every game. He has several assists and has some wonderful ball handling skills. I can say all this because he is mine and he gets all his B-Ball talent from me hahaha!! We have half a season left and we can't wait.

Wednesday, December 24

Tuesday, December 23

Tis the Season

Tis the Season. My favorite family traditions. The boys love to do their Gingerbread house. Next year we will let Grayson participate. Christmas isn't complete without a Christmas Jammies and a visit to Santa. I LOVE making these memories with my little fellows. 

Sunday, December 21

November in Pictures

You can follow me on instagram. I post more pics there. My blogging has gone down since having Grayson and the iphone. 

Saturday, December 20


Our house has been in overdrive for about 3 months now. It has come to a screeching halt this week due to upper respiratory infections. Even though we tested negative to the flu I am not convinced that Trevor doesn't have the flu. The child has laid around for 2 days. If you know him you know that NEVER happens.

I am still posting pictures of our October to say I am behind is an understatement. I will try and catch up soon. We took family pictures with Craig's side and they turned out wonderful. It was a challenge to get all the kids looking and Gray to participate. There were some pretty funny ones and some GREAT ones too!! The kids with their mouth open are so funny. They are trying to catch marshmallows. We had a rough time with Gray so we were trying anything at that point. Mitchell succeeded and caught one. The kiddos are growing up so fast!!

 The Out Takes are always the best!