Friday, February 19

Family Pic

We took our yearly pictures at Grandmothers house in November! It is always an interesting day. Gray did not get his nap out and he was not cooperating. We always have hilarious outtakes. Especially when Craig is in charge of the camera!!

Sunday, February 14

This and That

I was told I haven't updated the blog in a while! (Sorry Daddy love you) We have been busy with life around here. In October/November I started filling in at Grayson preschool then I took a over a two year class at the end of November. When that started I lost all my free time. Which has actually been a good thing. It is only two days a week but I get more done which is odd lol!! I enjoy the ladies I work with and the kids are wonderful. I get to see Grayson interact with the other kids. I LOVE it so much. I feel like I am finding a little bit of Jamie again. 

Nolen and I decided to cancel our Paris trip after the terrorist attacks in November. We were upset but our safety was more important. We didn't know it at the time but it was a Blessing we canceled. Nolen has been in and out of the doctors office since October with his asthma. We have done everything we know to do. The doctors we work with are wonderful. We met with a new doctor this past week and did bloodwork and more lung test. Good news is his lungs do not seem to be damaged. Bad news we have can't seem get him under control. We do have a new plan but he is one about 8 different meds. He has a sleep study schedule for March the same time we would have been out of the country. See what God did there!!!

Grayson and Trevor are great. They spend most of their days trying to aggravate each other. Trevor is playing basketball and loves shooting his rifle. He is our little sharp shooter. Grayson is fully potty trained and is talking so much these days. Craig is working non-stop. He enjoys his job but we are looking forward to Spring and warmer weather. Our camper is missing us!!!

 Will post more soon I have to stop pecking at the keyboard because the Walking Dead is coming on and I am getting on my hubby's nerves lol!!

Our Fall Pictures

Thursday, October 22

Fall Creek Falls

Over Fall Break we took the kiddos to Fall Creek Falls. We love day trips exploring the Great Out Doors. It was a little chilly on this day but we had fun. We did not get to hike down to the bottom of the falls this time because Gray is to little and we were loosing day light. It was Grays birthday and we sang to him all day and he LOVED it. On this trip we learned that a new car would be great for separating the kids lol!!! Really we love our car and I would be a mess if I had a new one because my kids destroy EVERYTHING!! I was a little sad the trees had not changed as much as I was hoping. We enjoyed our much needed family time. 

Saturday, October 10

Gray is 3

Grayson at 3

 Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Strawberries, Cantaloupe, and Oreos

Favorite Book: Little People Books

Favorite Cartoon: Paw Patrol and Blaze

Favorite Toy: Trucks with trailers

Favorite word: Yep and What

Favorite Song: Justin Bieber-What do mean 

Favorite Drink: Coke Icee

Favorite Movie: Peter Pan

Favorite Game: Monkey Preschool on Ipad

Favorite Place to be: Campground

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite thing to do: Play outside

Grayson's vocabulary is huge these days. He keeps us entertained. We are working on Potty Training. He could care less if he pees in his pants. He knows what he should do but doesn't care. Maybe he will be out of pull-ups by Kindergarten.  He is doing Great in Mother's Day Out. He loves all his friends and does wonderful at drop off. We just love our little guy!!! 

Friday, September 11

School Days

The first day of school for my boys. Nolen Loves to learn at school. Trevor loves to socialize at school. Grayson loves being in a class with ALL girls. My boys are getting so big!!

Nolen 5th Grade
Trevor 3rd Grade

Grayson 2's Class  

Tuesday, September 1

Catch Up

Time for me to play catch up on my blog. I know family likes to keep up with us on here. I PROMISE I will be blogging more in the future.

Nolen: Our little guy is trying really hard to raise money for his trip to Europe in the Spring. He is Thriving in school. We learned he earned a perfect score on his Math T-cap test. He did not get that from his Mom!  Nolen just started 5th and loves it. He got his first locker this year. Nolen loves to watch old NASCAR races after school. He loves anything to do with cars or History. His sense of humor has me laughing these days. He is mellow like his father. They both have witty come back lines. He is the glue that keeps me together most days. He is a giant helper and ALWAYS tries to calm any situation. He is starting to turn into a teenager before our eyes and I am not ready.

Trevor: Our little ball of energy is playing Flag Football and LOVES it. Uncle John is the head coach. Which make Trev and Mitchell an AWESOME DUO! Together they have a lot of Touch downs. Trev just started 3rd grade and it is very challenging. The workload for an 8 year old is a bit excessive in my opinion. All of his buddies are in his class so that makes him happy. Trev is really into guns. The men in our family are awesome and patience with him. They are great when it comes to teaching him about gun safety and gun respect. He is a good little sharp shooter!  He says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He enjoys studying the different types of guns. He really enjoys learning about fish and sharks too. He is your typical little boys who loves all things action or blood and guts. He is his own person and marches to his own beat. He is the very sensitive and has a huge heart. I love that about my little guy. He is still a huge Mama boy and always will be!!

Grayson: The Baby is smack in the middle of Potty Training and he could careless. He has been my hardest to Train no doubt. We are starting to see it click in his brain so hopefully he won't start kindergarten in pull-ups. He still has attachment issues but he started Mother's Day Out and LOVES. He hasn't cried once which is a big change from last year. There are some days he doesn't leave my side which can be exhausting at times.  His vocabulary is growing every day. He knows his colors and can count to 10!! All he talks about is camping.  He LOVES the camper. He is the baby and knows it. He can manipulate any of us into getting him anything he wants. His little personality cracks us up daily. He is a mixture of Nolen and Trevor. His Smiles melts us. We adore our little Baby even if he thinks hes a Big Boy now!!

Sunday, April 12


Happy 8th Birthday 
We love you to the Moon and back

This year Trevor had his own favorite list to fill out for school.

 Picture he pick to share with the class.

Sunday, March 1

Snow and Ice

All we have had for the past two weeks is Snow and Ice. It is very pretty however we are over it. The kids missed 8 days of school and Craig has been slammed at work. We had a few good days to play in snow but we have cabin fever. We are ready for Spring and Camping season. I LOVE taking pictures of the Snow. First we about an inch of ice then about 3 inches of snow. It was gorgeous!!

Tuesday, January 13

Calendar 2015

One of my favorite things to do is make Scrapbook pages. It my hobby.Here are some of the pages I made for our house calendar! 

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

 My boys grew so much in 2014 I am excited to see how much they grow in 2015! I think this is the year that Nolen grows taller than me!! Nolen's foot officially out grew mine in 2014 and we can share shirts. Trevor and Grayson got new teeth in 2014. Trev cut his hair and Gray grew hair.  Daddy got an AMAZING new job that he loves. Mom well she walked about 150 miles her goal was 100!!! We already have some wonderful things in the works for 2015 we can't wait to see how they unfold!! 

Happy New Year