Sunday, May 19

Field Trips

Last week I went on a field trip with Nolen. It was a "Farm Day" trip. It was held at the local fair grounds. There were LOTS of farm animals that smelled WONDERFUL! Um, yea not so much. It was not a dream field trip for me but Nolen LOVED it and we actually learned a lot of interesting facts. For instant you can buy a queen  bee for $25 through the mail, CRAZY! We also attended a local college. They had several stuffed animals. One man shot them all. I must admit it was creepy. I did enjoy my one on one with my big guy. Even if he refused to eat lunch with me he wanted to sit with his friends....He's growing up. He was in charge of taking pictures with my phone. He LOVED it!!

Craig attend the overnight Kindergarten field trip with Trevor the first of the Month. It is at a 4-H camp. It was right up Trevor's alley. They hiked, played outside, a bug guy came, and they learned all about nature. It is safe to say Craig will NEVER be a teacher. He had fun with Trevor but all the kids were overwhelming lol. Trevor and Craig raised the flag the last morning. They thought it was neat! Craig said I need to attend one of the overnight trips. I guess Grayson will be lucky enough to get Mommy!!!

This week we have Field Day and Trev's Graduation. It am taking my BIG camera and not use my phone so I hope to have more pics to share.

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