Friday, March 15

5 months

Graygray turned 5 months on the 10th. Where in the world did the time go. We weighed him and he is 12lbs 12 ozs. I'm not ready for my baby to get so big. He has started doing new things the past few weeks. He rolls from belly to back. He wants to sit up really bad. He has figured out how his toys work. He loves anything that spins. He is definitely a big Mama's boy but lately has been a big Daddy's baby. His brothers are his hero. He lights up when they are around.  He still hates the carseat but we put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the ipad and it calms him down. He LOVES MICKEY! We are seeing more of his personality coming out. He is such a joy!!!

 I'm loving these stickers I wish I had them with all the boys!

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